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What we do?

We focus on tipping point issues that have the potential to generate real action and impact

Take a systemic approach

While short-term impacts and issue-based campaigns will always be important, given the interconnected nature of the big problems we face, we must operate within a systemic approach that identifies the root causes in how the economy operates

Generate Cultural Debate

Economic transformation always involves raising big moral questions about how the economy operates. To change the status quo, we will need to demonstrate how questioning the current economic system is relevant to people’s everyday lives


Just because more research is being done, campaigns being run and local initiatives developed does not mean that something bigger is being achieved. Strategy wins and the aim of transformational change demands requires strategy and alignment

Demonstrate that Alternatives Exist

Theories and reasoned argument have an important role to play, but critically so does making things real. The power of practice to explain, motivate and convince must be harnessed and alternatives promoting a cultural shift need to be showcased

Popularise the Transformation

If we do not make the systemic approach and the big moral questions relevant to people we will not see the transformation we are aiming for. Our work needs to related to the way in which people are responding to the interrelated problems we face

More About Source

We look for tipping points where systemic change can be created

We aim to support the development of an economy that delivers wellbeing for all within environmental limits.

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We bring together in one place

Source brings together in one place a diverse range of inspirational voices from the worlds of academia, civil society, and grassroots organisations. The Network is open to individuals committed to tackling the biggest economic, environmental and social challenges we face today.

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What people say about Source

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    I value Source because it engages with people who work on fundamental change of our societies, who realize that with small adaptations, protecting established positions, and the reductionist models of mainstream economics we will never get to the systemic change that is needed for abolishing rising income inequality, climate change, and increasing social-economic insecurity. By addressing problems at the systemic level, Source does what critical voices in science want science to contribute to, namely addressing the wicked problems of our times.
    Irene Van Staveren
    Professor of Pluralist Development Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
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    I believe Source is an important initiative to bring policy professionals from all over Europe together and to start working on a new economic narrative. It gives us the opportunity to share and discuss our ideas and concepts with critical thinkers and experienced practitioners. This it what we need in order to challenge the current economic system!
    Nina Treu
    Coordinator, Konzeptwerk Neue Okonomie
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    Source is a really important space for me as a feminist activist to engage with a range of actors from civil society, academia and beyond around a range of issues that can bring systemic change. It is valuable to have access to a range of experiences and perspectives about the leverage points for change that already have practical application. We really welcome the openness to bring or develop a feminist perspective to conversations about Brexit, renewable energy, or climate change
    Joanna Maycock
    Secretary General, European Women's Lobby